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Background Checks and Employment Verification

Ensure peace of mind and build a trustworthy workforce with our reliable and efficient screening solutions tailored to your business needs. Castelli Business Services provides a variety of employee screening services to our clients, from small business owners to government entities, to corporations. We offer full-spectrum data management and a range of related services, all operated by sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology systems to ensure data safety and privacy.
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Employment and Income Verifications
  • References and Credentialing Verification
  • Drug Screening Services
  • Civil Records and Credit Bureau Reports
  • Criminal Records and Sex Offender Searches
  • I-9 Verifications and Compliance Services
  • Flexible, Customizable Services to your company needs

Credit Repair

You want to improve your credit. What do you do? When you enlist the help of Castelli Business Services, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional and certified credit management company. We will do our very best to help you increase your credit score.
The first step to help you build your credit again is for us to perform a full credit review. With this review, we will be able to focus on the exact items on your credit report that may be responsible for hurting your credit score the most. Our expert analysts will review your credit report item by item to ensure that we can help you get your credit score higher!

Small Business Consulting

Whether you are an entrepreneur with just an idea, a start-up, or an experienced business owner seeking funding, we will help you chart a flawless plan to launch your dream business and secure funding.
We will coach you as you navigate to start, fund, and build your company. Our experienced staff will help you to qualify for a loan, secure capital, market your business, negotiate, purchasing equipment and inventory. As our client, we will offer you guidance and support to build and sustain a strong business enterprise you can be proud of.

Business Plan Development

Business plan is your road map for your business. A well-written business plan can make the difference between securing the vital capital you need to launch your business idea – or being denied funding. A good business plan will also enable you to set goals for growth and increased revenue for your business.
At Castelli Business Services, we work with you to produce a business plan that is customized to your specific needs and inspirations to where you want to take your dream business. Our experience in small business loans and funding requirements will help you one step closer to achieving much-needed capital and direction for your business.


We equip you with the skills and tools to identify opportunities and connect with potential clients. We help you implement a strong marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and generate more leads.

One-on-One Technical Assistance

Castelli Business Services (CBS) offers tailored technical assistance to microenterprises and small businesses of all types – whether you are startup or existing that need to grow or expand. We understand the demands and challenges faced by business owners. We guide you utilizing with years of experience as business development experts and from the perspective of business owners. Our services are culturally-responsive and take into account your level of experience whether you are a new entrepreneur or are experienced in running a business.

Group Training

In addition to offering Technical Assistance to individuals, Castelli Business Services also facilitates small-group training sessions that range from basic business topics to advanced. We offer on-demand training that cover basic and advanced levels in running a business. Following are examples of the technical assistance that Castelli Business Services has provided:

  • Basics of starting a business
  • Writing a business plan
  • Managing a business
  • Marketing
  • Protecting your business/assets
  • Licenses and permits
  • Securing funding

Buying a business

Buying a business may seem like a great opportunity to many as a way of launching their own business, however, there are many risks associated with buying an existing business.  At Castelli Business Services, we will help you navigate the challenges and pitfalls of buying an business.  We will help you decide whether buying the business is worthy or not. We will do the necessary due diligence for you before you commit to buying a business. Through rigorous research we will perform a thorough analysis of your target business’ financial status and past performance.  We can help you avoid potential headaches and costly mistakes – both legal and financial. Do not buy a business before talking to us.


Castelli Business Services provides technical assistance to existing nonprofits to build a strong organizational infrastructure, improve efficiency and accountability to better serve your community. We also assist individuals or groups who have an interest in starting a nonprofit but are unsure of where to begin. Our consultants help you analyze if a nonprofit is feasible prospect and advise you the right option for your idea and passion.

For exiting nonprofits, we can assist in the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial management
  • Fund development
  • Record keeping
  • Ethics in nonprofits
  • Compliance with state and local laws
  • Developing a plan for long term success
  • Analyzing the strengths and challenges facing the organization

New nonprofit startups assistance includes the following:

  • File Articles of Incorporation
  • File tax-exempt status
  • How maintain your non-exempt status
  • Determine the feasibility and need
  • Build a Strong Foundation

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